Terms of Use

Veniveti Social Media Platform


1. Acceptance of Veniveti Terms of Use.

Your use of the Service(s) (as defined below) is subject to these Terms, which supplement the veniveti.com Terms of Service ("General Terms") located at http://www.veniveti.com/go/terms. The General Terms are incorporated herein by reference. By clicking to accept this Agreement (as defined below) or by using the Service, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. We reserves the right to update and change, from time to time, these Additional Terms, the General Terms, and all other documents incorporated by reference.
If any future changes to this Agreement (as defined below) are unacceptable to you,
(a) you should refuse to accept any updated terms proposed to you by Veniveti;
(b) you must discontinue using the Services; and
(c) you may terminate this Agreement in accordance with Section 5 (Term and Termination).
You can always find the most recent version of these Additional Terms at https://www.veniveti.com/terms/terms and the most recent version of the General Terms at the URL indicated above.

2. Definitions.

Veniveti refers to the veniveti website (www.veniveti.com), the Veniveti android app and the Veniveti IOS app.

"Wallet" refers to feature that enables you to pay for adverts and other goods and/or services at Veniveti at any point in time.

"Veniveti Online Privacy Policy" means the Veniveti Online Privacy Policy, which is located at http://www.veniveti.com/privacy

"Agreement" means these Terms and the Veniveti Online Privacy Policy.

"Contents" refers all materials published by the users of Veniveti, (articles, pictures, videos, e.t.c, and any other information or materials) uploaded by users on Veniveti.

"Profile" means personally identifiable information.

"Service(s)" means features and apps made available at Veniveti

"The Platform" refers to the veniveti.com portal, android app and IOS app.